Network Module: 187

UniprotKB ID Also a MoonDB EMF protein
1433E_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P62258 (MoonDB)
1433Z_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P63104 (MoonDB)
ABL1_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P00519 (MoonDB)
ABL2_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P42684 (MoonDB)
ADRB2_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P07550 (MoonDB)
AGRG1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
ALEX_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
AMBP_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
ANDR_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P10275 (MoonDB)
BCAR1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
BLK_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
CAF1A_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
CBL_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
CE170_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
CLNK_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
CO6_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
CP4F2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
CRKL_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
CRK_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P46108 (MoonDB)
CSF3R_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
DOK1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
EGFR_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P00533 (MoonDB)
EPS8_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
ERBB2_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P04626 (MoonDB)
ERBB3_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P21860 (MoonDB)
ERIC3_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
FA53C_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
FAK1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
FYN_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P06241 (MoonDB)
GAB1_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: Q13480 (MoonDB)
GAB2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
GARE1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
GBB1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
GBG2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
GKN2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
GRB10_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
GRB2_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P62993 (MoonDB)
HCK_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
IGF1R_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
JAK2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
K0319_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
KI2L1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
KIT_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
KLHL9_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
KPYM_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P14618 (MoonDB)
LCK_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
LCP2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
LSP1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
MDM2_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: Q00987 (MoonDB)
MEPE_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
MET_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
MYH9_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
NCK1_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P16333 (MoonDB)
NCK2_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: O43639 (MoonDB)
NEU1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
NTRK2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
P55G_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: Q92569 (MoonDB)
P85A_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P27986 (MoonDB)
PABP5_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PAIP2_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: Q9BPZ3 (MoonDB)
PERE_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PGFRA_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PGFRB_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PK3CA_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PK3CB_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PLCG1_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P19174 (MoonDB)
PLGF_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PTN11_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: Q06124 (MoonDB)
PTN1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
RACK1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
RASK_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
RBG1L_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
RHBG_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
RL11_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
RRP1B_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SCF_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SH21A_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SH2B1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SH2B3_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SHC1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SHC3_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SHC4_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SLAF5_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SOCS3_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SOCS6_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SRBS2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SRC_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P12931 (MoonDB)
STAT3_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P40763 (MoonDB)
SYDC_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
TA2R_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
TENS1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
TENS3_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
THMS1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
THRSP_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
TNF13_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
TNS2_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: Q63HR2 (MoonDB)
TRI15_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: Q9C019 (MoonDB)
TRYB1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
TXK_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
V2R_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
VEGFA_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P15692 (MoonDB)
VGFR1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
WASL_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
WDFY3_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
WNK1_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: Q9H4A3 (MoonDB)
ZAP70_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
GO ID (BP) GO Name
GO:0007166 cell surface receptor signaling pathway
GO:0006464 cellular protein modification process
GO:0070887 cellular response to chemical stimulus
GO:0035556 intracellular signal transduction
GO:0006928 movement of cell or subcellular component
GO:0006796 phosphate-containing compound metabolic process
GO:0010647 positive regulation of cell communication
GO:0048584 positive regulation of response to stimulus
GO:0023056 positive regulation of signaling
GO:0060255 regulation of macromolecule metabolic process
GO:0009966 regulation of signal transduction
GO ID (CC) GO Name
GO:0005829 cytosol
GO:0005886 plasma membrane