Welcome to MoonDB v2.0

A Database of Extreme Multifunctional and Moonlighting Proteins


MoonDB is a database containing predicted Extreme Multifunctional (EMF) proteins (i.e. proteins with several unrelated functions), as well as a set of manually curated moonlighting proteins. Moonlighting proteins are a subclass of multifunctional proteins. 

EMF proteins were detected through the MoonGO pipeline, which combines network topological information and protein annotations. This approach is described on:

Ribeiro D.M., Briere G., Bely B., Spinelli L., Brun C. (2018) "MoonDB 2.0: an updated database of extreme multifunctional and moonlighting proteins" Nucleic Acids Research, https://doi.org/10.1093/nar/gky1039

MoonDB currently contains mostly data for Human but also for Mouse, Fly, Worm and Yeast