Network Module: 355

UniprotKB ID Also a MoonDB EMF protein
AAKG1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
ABL1_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P00519 (MoonDB)
AES_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: Q08117 (MoonDB)
ALK_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
ANGP1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
ANGP2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
CADH2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
CBL_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
CD8A_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
CFTR_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
CNTN2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
CPXM1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
CRK_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P46108 (MoonDB)
CSK_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
CYTIP_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
DLG4_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P78352 (MoonDB)
DPYL4_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
EGFR_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P00533 (MoonDB)
ERBB2_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P04626 (MoonDB)
EYA2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
F261_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
F262_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
F263_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
GAB1_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: Q13480 (MoonDB)
GRB2_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P62993 (MoonDB)
HXK4_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
INSR_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
JAK2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
KCNJ1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
KCNN4_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
KI2L3_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
KPCD_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
LCK_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
LEPR_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
MAGI3_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
MET_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
MK01_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P28482 (MoonDB)
MK03_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P27361 (MoonDB)
NDUB8_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
NHRF1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
NHRF2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
NIPA_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
NMDE2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
NTRK1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
NU4LM_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
P85A_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P27986 (MoonDB)
PAXI_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PDPK1_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: O15530 (MoonDB)
PGFRA_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PGFRB_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PHAX_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PKP4_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PTEN_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PTN11_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: Q06124 (MoonDB)
PTN12_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PTN1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PTN22_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PTN6_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P29350 (MoonDB)
PTPRB_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PTPRC_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PTPRE_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PTPRG_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PTPRJ_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PTPRK_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PTPRO_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PTPRZ_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
RN152_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: Q8N8N0 (MoonDB)
SCND1_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P57086 (MoonDB)
SH2B1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SH2B2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SH3G1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SH3G3_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SHC1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SIG10_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SOCS1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
STA5A_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
STAT1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
TEC_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
TEX10_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
TIE2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
TNF11_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: O14788 (MoonDB)
ULBP2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
VEGFA_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P15692 (MoonDB)
VP37C_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: A5D8V6 (MoonDB)
ZAP70_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
ZSC20_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
ZWINT_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
GO ID (BP) GO Name
GO:0007166 cell surface receptor signaling pathway
GO:0006464 cellular protein modification process
GO:0035556 intracellular signal transduction
GO:0016310 phosphorylation
GO:0010647 positive regulation of cell communication
GO:0048584 positive regulation of response to stimulus
GO:0023056 positive regulation of signaling
GO:0060255 regulation of macromolecule metabolic process
GO:0009966 regulation of signal transduction
GO ID (CC) GO Name
GO:0044459 plasma membrane part