Protein: Q15843

Uniprot: Ubiquitin-like protein which plays an important role in cell cycle control and embryogenesis. Covalent attachment to its substrates requires prior activation by the E1 complex UBE1C-APPBP1 and linkage to the E2 enzyme UBE2M. Attachment of NEDD8 to cullins activates their associated E3 ubiquitin ligase activity, and thus promotes polyubiquitination and proteasomal degradation of cyclins and other regulatory proteins. more..
GO ID 1 Function 1 Module ID 1 GO ID 2 Function 2 Module ID 2 Association Probability (PrOnto) Interaction Probability (PrOnto)
GO:0009056 catabolic process 125 GO:0009059 macromolecule biosynthetic process 644 6.37e-04 1.88e-40
Module ID (MoonGO) GO ID (BP) GO Name
125 GO:0044248 cellular catabolic process
125 GO:0016567 protein ubiquitination
125 GO:0060255 regulation of macromolecule metabolic process
560 GO:0006464 cellular protein modification process
560 GO:0060255 regulation of macromolecule metabolic process
560 GO:0007165 signal transduction
644 GO:0032774 RNA biosynthetic process
644 GO:0034645 cellular macromolecule biosynthetic process
644 GO:0006464 cellular protein modification process
644 GO:0060255 regulation of macromolecule metabolic process
644 GO:0007165 signal transduction
706 GO:0044267 cellular protein metabolic process
706 GO:0090304 nucleic acid metabolic process
706 GO:0034654 nucleobase-containing compound biosynthetic process
706 GO:2000112 regulation of cellular macromolecule biosynthetic process
706 GO:0010468 regulation of gene expression
706 GO:0019219 regulation of nucleobase-containing compound metabolic process
706 GO:0007165 signal transduction
Module ID (MoonGO) GO ID (CC) GO Name
125 GO:0005829 cytosol
125 GO:0005634 nucleus
560 GO:0005829 cytosol
644 GO:0031981 nuclear lumen
706 GO:0005829 cytosol
706 GO:0031981 nuclear lumen
GO ID (BP) GO Name Evidence Code (GO EC)
GO:0006357 regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter IEA
GO:0006464 cellular protein modification process TAS
GO:0006508 proteolysis TAS
GO:0006511 ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process TAS
GO:0006879 cellular iron ion homeostasis TAS
GO:0007179 transforming growth factor beta receptor signaling pathway TAS
GO:0008104 protein localization IEA
GO:0009653 anatomical structure morphogenesis TAS
GO:0014070 response to organic cyclic compound IEA
GO:0016567 protein ubiquitination TAS
GO:0016579 protein deubiquitination TAS
GO:0043687 post-translational protein modification TAS
GO:0045116 protein neddylation IDA
GO ID (CC) GO Name Evidence Code (GO EC)
GO:0005634 nucleus TAS
GO:0005654 nucleoplasm TAS
GO:0005829 cytosol TAS
GO:0070062 extracellular exosome IDA
GO ID 1 Component 1 GO ID 2 Component 2 Association Probability (PrOnto) Interaction Probability (PrOnto)
GO:0005634 nucleus GO:0070062 extracellular exosome 6.30e-13 4.54e-26
GO:0005654 nucleoplasm GO:0070062 extracellular exosome 3.37e-20 1.23e-35
PMID Article Title
9353319 Characterization of NEDD8, a developmentally down-regulated ubiquitin-like protein.
9694792 A new NEDD8-ligating system for cullin-4A.
9790970 Cleavage of the C-terminus of NEDD8 by UCH-L3.
9857030 Crystal structure of the human ubiquitin-like protein NEDD8 and interactions with ubiquitin pathway enzymes.
10318914 Conjugation of the ubiquitin-like protein NEDD8 to cullin-2 is linked to von Hippel-Lindau tumor suppressor function.
10597293 Covalent modification of all members of human cullin family proteins by NEDD8.
11259415 NUB1, a NEDD8-interacting protein, is induced by interferon and down-regulates the NEDD8 expression.
11953428 The NEDD8 pathway is essential for SCF(beta -TrCP)-mediated ubiquitination and processing of the NF-kappa B precursor p105.
12215427 Interaction with Nedd8, a ubiquitin-like protein, enhances the transcriptional activity of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor.
12730221 NEDP1, a highly conserved cysteine protease that deneddylates cullins.
12759363 DEN1 is a dual function protease capable of processing the C-terminus of Nedd8 and deconjugating hyper-neddylated CUL1.
14690597 The structure of the APPBP1-UBA3-NEDD8-ATP complex reveals the basis for selective ubiquitin-like protein activation by an E1.
15242646 Mdm2-mediated NEDD8 conjugation of p53 inhibits its transcriptional activity.
15489334 The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC).
15567417 Structure of a complex between Nedd8 and the Ulp/Senp protease family member Den1.
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Domain Name Domain ID Source
Ubiquitin_dom IPR000626 InterPro
Ubiquitin_CS IPR019954 InterPro
Ubiquitin IPR019956 InterPro
Ubiquitin-like_domsf IPR029071 InterPro
ubiquitin PF00240 Pfam
SSF54236 SSF54236 SUPFAM