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Data Description Files

All species files

MoonDB files with EMF (prediction) and curated moonligthing proteins for all species.

See file descriptions below.

The "All EMF and curated proteins" file contains the list of all proteins in MoonDB.

All EMF list (.tsv)17.92 KBAll EMF annotations (.tsv)100.05 KBAll curated moonlighting proteins (.tsv)14.27 KBAll EMF and curated proteins (.tsv)8.14 KB

Annotated OCG classes

The annotated OCG class (network modules) file used.

- 'CA': GO term(s) annotated to the class (majority rule)

- 'CM': if not majority term annotated, most commonly GO term(s)

- 'P#'/'PN': number and list of proteins in class

Human class annotation (.txt)515.87 KBFly class annotation (.txt)292.8 KBMouse class annotation (.txt)210.25 KBWorm class annotation (.txt)182.4 KBYeast class annotation (.txt)153.54 KB

Binary networks

Binary protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks used by the MoonGO pipeline to detect EMF proteins.

First column is the first protein interactor, the second column is the second protein interactor.

Human PPI network (.txt)2.05 MBFly PPI network (.txt)824.18 KBMouse PPI network (.txt)75.21 KBWorm PPI network (.txt)317.83 KBYeast PPI network (.txt)227.66 KB

EMF annotations

GO term annotation details for each EMF protein.

These files contain the pairs of dissimilar function that allowed identification as EMF by the MoonGO pipeline.

Human EMF annotation (.tsv)80.85 KBMouse EMF annotation (.tsv)2.71 KBFly EMF annotation (.tsv)372 bytesWorm EMF annotation (.tsv)942 bytesYeast EMF annotation (.tsv)11.1 KB

EMF lists

MoonDB extreme multifunctional (EMF) candidates for each species.

Each file contains a list of proteins identified as EMF by the MoonGO pipeline.

Human EMF list (.tsv)13.49 KBMouse EMF list (.tsv)854 bytesFly EMF list (.tsv)138 bytesWorm EMF list (.tsv)340 bytesYeast EMF list (.tsv)1.6 KB