Protein: P02511

UniprotKB AC UniprotKB ID Gene name Full name Species Curated set
P02511 (Uniprot) CRYAB_HUMAN CRYAB Alpha-crystallin B chain human Yes
Uniprot: May contribute to the transparency and refractive index of the lens. Has chaperone-like activity, preventing aggregation of various proteins under a wide range of stress conditions.

Function 1: Molecular chaperone, protein folding.

Function 2: Structural protein of the lens. Vertebrate crystallins resemble chaperones. Condition: eye lens localization.

Publications (PMID): 1438232, 6285380

Module ID (MoonGO) GO ID (BP) GO Name
88 GO:0007165 signal transduction
577 GO:0006464 cellular protein modification process
577 GO:0033554 cellular response to stress
577 GO:0006796 phosphate-containing compound metabolic process
577 GO:0031326 regulation of cellular biosynthetic process
577 GO:0010556 regulation of macromolecule biosynthetic process
577 GO:0009966 regulation of signal transduction
Module ID (MoonGO) GO ID (CC) GO Name
60 GO:0005634 nucleus
88 GO:0012505 endomembrane system
88 GO:0031982 vesicle
289 GO:0005634 nucleus
525 GO:0005829 cytosol
577 GO:0005829 cytosol
577 GO:0043232 intracellular non-membrane-bounded organelle
577 GO:0070013 intracellular organelle lumen
577 GO:0044428 nuclear part
577 GO:0031982 vesicle
GO ID (BP) GO Name Evidence Code (GO EC)
GO:0001666 response to hypoxia IEA
GO:0002088 lens development in camera-type eye IEA
GO:0006457 protein folding IEA
GO:0006936 muscle contraction TAS
GO:0007021 tubulin complex assembly IEA
GO:0007517 muscle organ development IEA
GO:0007568 aging IEA
GO:0010629 negative regulation of gene expression IEA
GO:0010941 regulation of cell death IMP
GO:0030308 negative regulation of cell growth IEA
GO:0031109 microtubule polymerization or depolymerization IEA
GO:0032355 response to estradiol IEA
GO:0032387 negative regulation of intracellular transport IDA
GO:0032463 negative regulation of protein homooligomerization IDA
GO:0042542 response to hydrogen peroxide IEA
GO:0043066 negative regulation of apoptotic process IDA
GO:0043154 negative regulation of cysteine-type endopeptidase activity involved in apoptotic process IEA
GO:0050821 protein stabilization IMP
GO:0051260 protein homooligomerization IDA
GO:0051403 stress-activated MAPK cascade IEA
GO:0060561 apoptotic process involved in morphogenesis IEA
GO:0071480 cellular response to gamma radiation IMP
GO:1900034 regulation of cellular response to heat TAS
GO:1905907 negative regulation of amyloid fibril formation TAS
GO:2000378 negative regulation of reactive oxygen species metabolic process IEA
GO ID (CC) GO Name Evidence Code (GO EC)
GO:0005634 nucleus IDA
GO:0005654 nucleoplasm TAS
GO:0005737 cytoplasm IDA
GO:0005739 mitochondrion IEA
GO:0005794 Golgi apparatus IEA
GO:0005829 cytosol IEA
GO:0009986 cell surface IEA
GO:0014069 postsynaptic density IEA
GO:0015630 microtubule cytoskeleton IEA
GO:0030018 Z disc IEA
GO:0030424 axon IEA
GO:0031430 M band IEA
GO:0032432 actin filament bundle IEA
GO:0043197 dendritic spine IEA
GO:0043204 perikaryon IEA
GO:0043209 myelin sheath IEA
GO:0070062 extracellular exosome IDA
GO:0097060 synaptic membrane IEA
GO:0097512 cardiac myofibril IEA
GO ID 1 Component 1 GO ID 2 Component 2 Association Probability (PrOnto) Interaction Probability (PrOnto)
GO:0005634 nucleus GO:0005794 Golgi apparatus 4.39e-25 2.14e-64
GO:0005634 nucleus GO:0009986 cell surface 1.10e-44 1.49e-81
GO:0005634 nucleus GO:0070062 extracellular exosome 6.30e-13 4.54e-26
GO:0005634 nucleus GO:0097060 synaptic membrane 3.83e-05 1.48e-23
GO:0005654 nucleoplasm GO:0005794 Golgi apparatus 1.14e-11 3.23e-62
GO:0005654 nucleoplasm GO:0009986 cell surface 1.97e-37 5.46e-93
GO:0005654 nucleoplasm GO:0030424 axon 9.82e-03 1.17e-43
GO:0005654 nucleoplasm GO:0070062 extracellular exosome 3.37e-20 1.23e-35
GO:0005654 nucleoplasm GO:0097060 synaptic membrane 7.14e-05 4.72e-63
GO:0005829 cytosol GO:0009986 cell surface 3.26e-22 6.81e-06
PMID Article Title
838078 The primary structure of the B2 chain of human alpha-crystallin.
1407707 Accumulation of alpha B-crystallin in brains of patients with Alexander's disease is not due to an abnormality of the 5'-flanking and coding sequence of the genomic DNA.
1560006 Copurification of small heat shock protein with alpha B crystallin from human skeletal muscle.
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2539261 Alpha B-crystallin is expressed in non-lenticular tissues and accumulates in Alexander's disease brain.
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9731540 A missense mutation in the alphaB-crystallin chaperone gene causes a desmin-related myopathy.
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10751411 Identification and characterization of a novel protein from Sertoli cells, PASS1, that associates with mammalian small stress protein hsp27.
10930324 The major in vivo modifications of the human water-insoluble lens crystallins are disulfide bonds, deamidation, methionine oxidation and backbone cleavage.
11158243 Ser-59 is the major phosphorylation site in alphaB-crystallin accumulated in the brains of patients with Alexander's disease.
11369851 In vivo carbamylation and acetylation of water-soluble human lens alphaB-crystallin lysine 92.
11577372 Alpha-B crystallin gene (CRYAB) mutation causes dominant congenital posterior polar cataract in humans.
12601044 Alteration of protein-protein interactions of congenital cataract crystallin mutants.
14676215 Association of the chaperone alphaB-crystallin with titin in heart muscle.
14681890 Myofibrillar myopathy caused by novel dominant negative alpha B-crystallin mutations.
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19464326 HSPB7 is a SC35 speckle resident small heat shock protein.
19646995 Crystal structures of alpha-crystallin domain dimers of alphaB-crystallin and Hsp20.
20836128 Importance of eye lens alpha-crystallin heteropolymer with 3:1 alphaA to alphaB ratio: stability, aggregation, and modifications.
21337604 Infantile muscular dystrophy in Canadian aboriginals is an alphaB-crystallinopathy.
21920752 A novel CRYAB mutation resulting in multisystemic disease.
22120592 Acetylation of alphaA-crystallin in the human lens: effects on structure and chaperone function.
22890888 Identification of histidine residues involved in Zn(2+) binding to alphaA- and alphaB-Crystallin by chemical modification and MALDI TOF mass spectrometry.
23542032 Protective role of the endoplasmic reticulum protein mitsugumin23 against ultraviolet C-induced cell death.
24275569 An enzyme assisted RP-RPLC approach for in-depth analysis of human liver phosphoproteome.
28470624 alphaB-crystallin is a sensor for assembly intermediates and for the subunit topology of desmin intermediate filaments.
28493373 The novel alphaB-crystallin (CRYAB) mutation p.D109G causes restrictive cardiomyopathy.
OMIM ID Disease Name
608810 Myopathy, myofibrillar, 2
613763 Cataract 16, multiple types
613869 Myopathy, myofibrillar, fatal infantile hypertonic, alpha-B crystallin-related
615184 Cardiomyopathy, dilated 1II
Domain Name Domain ID Source
Alpha-crystallin/HSP IPR001436 InterPro
A-crystallin/Hsp20_dom IPR002068 InterPro
Alpha-crystallin_N IPR003090 InterPro
HSP20-like_chaperone IPR008978 InterPro
HSP20 IPR031107 InterPro
ACD_alphaB-crystallin IPR037882 InterPro
HSP20 PF00011 Pfam
Crystallin PF00525 Pfam
SSF49764 SSF49764 SUPFAM
ACD_alphaB-crystallin_HspB5 cd06498 CDD