Network Module: 107

UniprotKB ID Also a MoonDB EMF protein
A0A0G2JPK4_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
ACD_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: Q96AP0 (MoonDB)
ADA_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
ATG7_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
C1QA_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
C1QB_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
C1QC_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
CBP_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
CD33_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
CSK21_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P68400 (MoonDB)
DLL4_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
EF1D_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
FOS_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
GLNA_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
H2A1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
HERC3_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
HIPK3_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
HTSF1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
IF4B_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
IPP2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
ISL1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
JUN_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
KDM2A_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
KDM3B_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
LDB2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
LMTK2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
LRP1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
MBL2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
MTMR4_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
NU5M_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PIAS1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PIAS2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PIN1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
PP1A_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P62136 (MoonDB)
PP1G_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P36873 (MoonDB)
PRKRA_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
RABEK_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
RBP56_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
RIC8B_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SAFB1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SIAH1_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: Q8IUQ4 (MoonDB)
SIAH2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SIR1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SMAD3_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P84022 (MoonDB)
SMAD7_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SPT5H_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SSBP2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SSBP3_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SSBP4_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
SYJ2B_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
TE2IP_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
TERF1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
TF65_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
TINF2_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: Q9BSI4 (MoonDB)
TOM1_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
TRBP2_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
UBC9_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P63279 (MoonDB)
UBQL2_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: Q9UHD9 (MoonDB)
XRCC6_HUMAN (Uniprot) Yes: P12956 (MoonDB)
Z512B_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
ZMAT3_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
ZYX_HUMAN (Uniprot) No
GO ID (BP) GO Name
GO:0016070 RNA metabolic process
GO:0044267 cellular protein metabolic process
GO:0034654 nucleobase-containing compound biosynthetic process
GO:2000112 regulation of cellular macromolecule biosynthetic process
GO:0010468 regulation of gene expression
GO:0019219 regulation of nucleobase-containing compound metabolic process
GO:0007165 signal transduction
GO ID (CC) GO Name
GO:0005829 cytosol
GO:0005654 nucleoplasm