Protein: Q15477

Uniprot: Helicase; has ATPase activity. Component of the SKI complex which is thought to be involved in exosome-mediated RNA decay and associates with transcriptionally active genes in a manner dependent on PAF1 complex (PAF1C).
GO ID 1 Function 1 Module ID 1 GO ID 2 Function 2 Module ID 2 Association Probability (PrOnto) Interaction Probability (PrOnto)
GO:0006464 cellular protein modification process 375 GO:0016070 RNA metabolic process 719 5.81e-04 8.44e-05
Module ID (MoonGO) GO ID (BP) GO Name
375 GO:0070647 protein modification by small protein conjugation or removal
375 GO:0060255 regulation of macromolecule metabolic process
719 GO:0006401 RNA catabolic process
719 GO:0016071 mRNA metabolic process
719 GO:0010629 negative regulation of gene expression
719 GO:0019219 regulation of nucleobase-containing compound metabolic process
859 GO:0010467 gene expression
859 GO:0090304 nucleic acid metabolic process
Module ID (MoonGO) GO ID (CC) GO Name
375 GO:0005829 cytosol
375 GO:0005634 nucleus
719 GO:0005829 cytosol
719 GO:0043232 intracellular non-membrane-bounded organelle
719 GO:0005634 nucleus
859 GO:0005634 nucleus
GO ID (BP) GO Name Evidence Code (GO EC)
GO:0043928 exonucleolytic nuclear-transcribed mRNA catabolic process involved in deadenylation-dependent decay TAS
GO:0070478 nuclear-transcribed mRNA catabolic process, 3'-5' exonucleolytic nonsense-mediated decay IBA
GO ID (CC) GO Name Evidence Code (GO EC)
GO:0005634 nucleus IEA
GO:0005829 cytosol TAS
GO:0055087 Ski complex IDA
No pairs of PrOnto dissimilar CC GO terms found.
PMID Article Title
7610041 Human helicase gene SKI2W in the HLA class III region exhibits striking structural similarities to the yeast antiviral gene SKI2 and to the human gene KIAA0052: emergence of a new gene family.
7759100 Identification and characterization of a human cDNA homologous to yeast SKI2.
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OMIM ID Disease Name
614602 Trichohepatoenteric syndrome 2
Domain Name Domain ID Source
Helicase_C IPR001650 InterPro
DEAD/DEAH_box_helicase_dom IPR011545 InterPro
Ski2_C IPR012961 InterPro
Helicase_ATP-bd IPR014001 InterPro
Ski2 IPR016438 InterPro
rRNA_proc-arch_dom IPR025696 InterPro
P-loop_NTPase IPR027417 InterPro
DEAD PF00270 Pfam
Helicase_C PF00271 Pfam
DSHCT PF08148 Pfam
rRNA_proc-arch PF13234 Pfam
Antiviral_helicase_SKI2 PIRSF005198 PIRSF
S56752 S56752 PIR
SSF52540 SSF52540 SUPFAM
HELICc cd00079 CDD