Protein: P49710

UniprotKB AC UniprotKB ID Gene name Full name Species Curated set
P49710 (Uniprot) HCLS1_MOUSE Hcls1 Hematopoietic lineage cell-specific protein mouse No
Uniprot: Substrate of the antigen receptor-coupled tyrosine kinase. Plays a role in antigen receptor signaling for both clonal expansion and deletion in lymphoid cells. May also be involved in the regulation of gene expression (By similarity).
GO ID 1 Function 1 Module ID 1 GO ID 2 Function 2 Module ID 2 Association Probability (PrOnto) Interaction Probability (PrOnto)
GO:0009059 macromolecule biosynthetic process 1795 GO:0007165 signal transduction 1492 2.28e-48 1.95e-17
Module ID (MoonGO) GO ID (BP) GO Name
1492 GO:0035556 intracellular signal transduction
1492 GO:0010646 regulation of cell communication
1492 GO:0060255 regulation of macromolecule metabolic process
1492 GO:0023051 regulation of signaling
1795 GO:0034645 cellular macromolecule biosynthetic process
1795 GO:0018193 peptidyl-amino acid modification
1795 GO:0031401 positive regulation of protein modification process
1795 GO:0042127 regulation of cell proliferation
1795 GO:0051128 regulation of cellular component organization
1795 GO:2000026 regulation of multicellular organismal development
Module ID (MoonGO) GO ID (CC) GO Name
1492 GO:0005634 nucleus
1492 GO:0005886 plasma membrane
1795 GO:0070013 intracellular organelle lumen
1795 GO:0005634 nucleus
GO ID (BP) GO Name Evidence Code (GO EC)
GO:0000122 negative regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter IMP
GO:0008284 positive regulation of cell proliferation IMP
GO:0009725 response to hormone IDA
GO:0014068 positive regulation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase signaling ISO
GO:0030041 actin filament polymerization IEA
GO:0030218 erythrocyte differentiation IMP
GO:0030833 regulation of actin filament polymerization ISO
GO:0030854 positive regulation of granulocyte differentiation IMP
GO:0033138 positive regulation of peptidyl-serine phosphorylation ISO
GO:0042531 positive regulation of tyrosine phosphorylation of STAT protein IMP
GO:0042993 positive regulation of transcription factor import into nucleus ISO
GO:0045651 positive regulation of macrophage differentiation IMP
GO:0045944 positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter IMP
GO:0050731 positive regulation of peptidyl-tyrosine phosphorylation ISO
GO:0051897 positive regulation of protein kinase B signaling ISO
GO:0071345 cellular response to cytokine stimulus ISO
GO:2000107 negative regulation of leukocyte apoptotic process ISO
GO ID (CC) GO Name Evidence Code (GO EC)
GO:0005634 nucleus IDA
GO:0005667 transcription factor complex ISO
GO:0005737 cytoplasm IDA
GO:0005739 mitochondrion IEA
GO:0005829 cytosol ISO
GO:0005886 plasma membrane ISO
GO ID 1 Component 1 GO ID 2 Component 2 Association Probability (PrOnto) Interaction Probability (PrOnto)
GO:0005634 nucleus GO:0005886 plasma membrane 1.90e-175 3.75e-40
GO:0005667 transcription factor complex GO:0005737 cytoplasm 8.51e-03 3.68e-18
GO:0005667 transcription factor complex GO:0005886 plasma membrane 6.81e-29 2.33e-66
Interactor Also a MoonDB EMF protein
LYN_MOUSE Yes: P25911 (MoonDB)
PMID Article Title
7535527 Molecular cloning and characterization of mouse HS1.
7628441 LckBP1, a proline-rich protein expressed in haematopoietic lineage cells, directly associates with the SH3 domain of protein tyrosine kinase p56(lck).
8943564 Distinct binding patterns of HS1 to the Src SH2 and SH3 domains reflect possible mechanisms of recruitment and activation of downstream molecules.
10590261 Isolation and characterization of a novel HS1 SH3 domain binding protein, HS1BP3.
15489334 The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC).
17947660 Quantitative time-resolved phosphoproteomic analysis of mast cell signaling.
19001085 Contributions of F-BAR and SH2 domains of Fes protein tyrosine kinase for coupling to the FcepsilonRI pathway in mast cells.
19064729 Liar, a novel Lyn-binding nuclear/cytoplasmic shuttling protein that influences erythropoietin-induced differentiation.
21183079 A tissue-specific atlas of mouse protein phosphorylation and expression.
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Domain Name Domain ID Source
I49760 I49760 PIR
SH3_domain IPR001452 InterPro
Hs1_Cortactin IPR003134 InterPro
HS1 IPR028534 InterPro
SH3-like_dom_sf IPR036028 InterPro
SH3_1 PF00018 Pfam
HS1_rep PF02218 Pfam
SSF50044 SSF50044 SUPFAM